We operate our own crushing and screening plants which allow us to make products specific to customer’s requirements. Our main products are as follows:

Product Sizes General Use
High PSV Chips 6mm
Production of concrete
Surface dressing
Drainage stone
Dust Under paving or piping
6mm can also be used for the same purpose
804 30mm – dust Graded to meet Irish standards
Clean Stone 4″ clean
2″ clean
Construction of roadways
Down Stone 4″ down
3″ down
2″ down
Road construction
Subfloor foundations
Yard construction
Fine Screenings ¾” down to dust Driveways
Underneath tarmacadam
Waste Products Quarry run
Waste 4″ down
Waste 3″ down
Waste 2″ down
Agricultural roadways
Site roadways
Waste Screenings Waste ¾” down to dust General roadways

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