Download Cemfloor Brochure

Cemfloor is a new high performance based liquid floor screed which complies with EN13813 standards.

Cemfloor is a specially formulated additive that is used to create self-levelling cementitious floor screeds. It can be laid in very thin sections therefore making it very responsive to underfloor heating.

Benefits of Cemfloor:

Thinner sections compared to traditional screeds, generally 25mm above underfloor heating pipes.

Larger floor area without joints (up to 150m2).

Exceptional thermal conductivity (up to 2.9W/m.k).

Reduced drying times.

Can be polished for final floor finish (consult technical personnel)

Foot traffic after 24 hours.

Lower running costs for underfloor heating systems due to exceptional thermal conductivity.

To ensure a high quality screed it is recommended that application is carried out by a specialist screeding contractor, we recommend the following specialists: