Construction & Demolition Recycling

Permit: COR-CE-14-005-01

A large amount of waste is generated in the construction and demolition industry of residential and commercial building, roads, building improvements, remodelling and site clearing activities. By recycling C&D materials there is less environmental impacts, landfill space is conserved, and dependency on natural aggregates is reduced. We are now offering a tipping and collection service at our licensed facility in Ardnacrusha, Co.Clare. We allow importation of waste that can be classified under the European Waste Catalogue codes listed below.

European Waste Catalogue (EWC) Codes

  • 17 01 01 Concrete
  • 17 01 07 Mixture concrete, bricks, tiles and ceramics other than those mentioned in 17 01 06
  • 17 01 03 Tiles and ceramics
  • 17 01 02 Bricks
  • 17 03 02 bituminous mixtures

Benefits of Construction & Demolition Recycling

  • Improves environmental image and performance of a project
  • It eliminate illegal dumping and associated negative impacts on the landscape
  • Comply with legislation and waste management regulation
  • It’s an economical alternative to land-fill based disposal
  • It conserves natural resources and reduces our dependency on natural aggregates
  • Less energy is required for mineral production
  • Commitment towards zero waste


  • We will not accept any contaminated material
  • All material is inspected before tipping and must be fully traceable to source

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